Car Tinting Sydney

All car tinting films we offer block 99% of UV rays and up to 56% of solar heat for the darkest legal shade film.

Here at South Side Tinting we offer the highest quality car tinting films with the highest quality installations

We specialise in new vehicles and take our time to provide a great quality install. On average we will spend three hours car tinting from start to finish ensuring quality work with little disruption to your day.

  • Rejects 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Adds privacy
  • Enhances the appearance of your car
  • Improves fuel economy

  • Reduces heat by up to 56% (darkest legal ceramic film)
  • Adds security
  • Reduces glare

We spend a lot of time in our cars, whether it’s driving to work, driving to sporting events or just going away with the family for the weekend. The whole time we are exposed to harmful UV rays and uncomfortable solar heat.

All of our films we offer block 99% of UV rays and up to 56% of solar heat for the darkest legal shade film. By adding car tinting you will protect your skin, protect your children and also make the car much more comfortable to travel in from the reduced heat.

We offer several films all of high quality and are backed by a LIFETIME manufacturer’s warranty for the whole time you own the vehicle.

For most of us our car is one of our most expensive assets, help protect that asset and yourself from the sun in our harsh Australian climate.

For more information on getting your car tinting done in Sydney, view our FAQs page or Request a Quote.

Having used South Side Tinting several times now I am extremely happy with the service, price and the excellent job Brendan does in tinting our cars. I would recommend South Side Tinting to anyone looking at getting tinting done. - Chris Mitchell

Get a car tinting quote and help protect yourself from the sun in our harsh Australian climate.

What are the benefits of car tinting?

99% UVa and UVb Rejection – Ultra violet light is energy from the sun that is invisible to the naked eye. It is harmful to our skin and over exposure leads to sunburn and can lead to skin cancers like melanoma. Ultra violet light also is a large factor in the fading and damage of car interiors.

Reducing Heat – Glass lets a large amount of heat transmit through it. Window films reject heat caused by visible light and infra-red light. Most automotive films are grey/black in colour due to state laws, whilst they can reflect some heat away they absorb heat before it transmits into the vehicle. Our darkest legal films have between 44% and 56% total solar energy rejection.

Adding Privacy – Privacy is a great advantage when you have your car tinting. Our darkest legal film whilst you will still see in a little it does make your car less like a fish bowel where it feels everyone is looking at you at those traffic lights. Commercial vehicles like utes and vans have no darkness limit in NSW behind the driver so it is great for tradies to hide tools or great for campervans to give you full daytime privacy in your home on wheels.

Added Security – With the amount of car break ins we hear about today the old saying “prevention is better than cure” is spot on when it comes to vehicle break ins. Most criminals that are breaking into cars for things they see are opportunists; they look inside and see something of value. At daytime you will still see inside the car a little with our darkest legal films but at night time it will be very difficult to see in without a good torch, this may mean those criminals just move on to the next car in the street or car park if they can’t see anything of value.

We install a lot of darker films on commercial vehicles windows rear of the driver. We can make it almost impossible to see in the back of a van at daytime which can protect your tools or expensive equipment or even just your surfboard.

Last but not least window film will hold together your window if a rock is thrown at it whether it be an attack or just plain vandalism, this can protect the occupants if any at the time but also stops thousands of pieces of glass being scattered inside the car.

Enhanced appearance – Once you have film applied to your car it makes it look great and often increases its resale value. Window films can be one of the cheapest modifications for your car to improve its appearance.

Reduces glare – Our darkest legal films reject 65% of glare which makes driving more comfortable and safer. Glare reduction is a critical thing for people with certain eye conditions, having car tinting will help if you are affected by these conditions.

Increase fuel economy – Cars use more fuel when the air conditioner is on. Modern cars today have climate control and will switch the air con on and off to maintain your cabin temperature. Once you have your car tinted the cabin is substantially cooler as its reducing the heat as it enters through the glass this means it is easier for the climate control to keep the cabin at your desired temperature and the air con will not be constantly on working overtime to keep the car cool.