Glass Frosting Sydney

Maximise privacy for your home or office.

Along with our solar and security films we also offer window and glass frosting for homes and offices

Glass frosting allows a large amount of natural light to transmit but blocks vision both from outside and inside. A lot of new homes today often have clear windows installed, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass we can apply one of many different frost films to give full privacy.

  • Maximise privacy for your home or office
  • Decorative designs printed or cut out

  • Business branding can be printed or cut out
  • High visible light transmission

Frosting is a must for any office with glass partitions to provide privacy and visual impact. Whether you choose to do a simple 1.2m strip of frosting, frost floor to ceiling or choose a decorative design to be printed of cut out of the frosting we have a solution for you.

For more information on getting your home or office windows frosted in Sydney, view our FAQs page or Request a Quote.

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Maximise privacy for your home or office.

What are the benefits to glass frosting for my home or office?

99% UVa and UVb rejection – Ultra violet light is energy from the sun that is invisible to the naked eye. It is harmful to our skin and over exposure leads to sunburn and can lead to skin cancers like melanoma. Ultra violet light also is a large factor in the fading and damage of furnishing and floor coverings.

Reducing Heat – Glass lets a large amount of heat transmit through it. Window films reject heat caused by visible light and infra-red light. Residential window films come in a wide range to suit almost any customer’s needs. The reflective films generally are the best performing for heat rejection as they reflect heat away but some ceramic films are also great as they absorb infra-red heat before it is transmitted.

Adding Privacy – With such a large amount of glass frosting film options for homes there are plenty that improve privacy. You do not have to select a really dark film to have good privacy either but generally the darker the greater privacy. Just remember you will always see through the film to the greatest light source so make sure you close the curtains at night!

Adding safety and security – Window film is good in several ways for security and safety. If you have just purchased a new TV or have a priceless artwork on your wall you don’t want undesirable people to see it as they walk past and come back later to break in and steal them, If nothing catches their eye then it greatly reduces the chance of a break in.

Solar control film will hold broken glass together, it is not rated the same as security films but it can certainly prevent horrible accidents from being much worse. We do install security films as well which do meet Australian standards for safety glass which is a legal requirement for glass doors and some windows that pose a risk of walking or falling through them.

Enhancing the appearance – With such a huge range of residential films we will have a solution to improve the look of your home. Reflective films look great on grey or light coloured homes whilst black films look good on older brick homes. It also looks much better as most films will hide your window coverings which provide a much more clean modern look from the outside.

Reducing glare – There is nothing more annoying when watching TV or sitting at your computer and the sun is blaring in and making it difficult to see the screen. Window films can block up to 95% of visible glare and our most common films block around 65-75% of glare which makes it much more comfortable in your own home.

Reduce electricity bills – With our summers being as hot as they are in Australia we need to keep our homes as cool as possible. This often means getting air conditioning installed and leaving it run for hours on end which can be quiet costly. When window film is installed, your air conditioning does not have to work as hard to reduce the temperature in your home, thus using less electricity and over a whole year significant savings to your energy bills. Studies suggest that an average home with a high performing window film will save enough money to pay for the film after only 1-2 years!