Commercial Window Tinting Sydney

Our most common office or warehouse films reject up to 81% of solar energy and cut glare by up to 90%

South Side Tinting offer high quality office and commercial window films to help reduce your energy costs

It will make your business more comfortable to work in whilst adding a clean modern look to the building. We have access to the best installers in Sydney for small and large sized projects.

  • Rejects 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Adds privacy
  • Enhances the appearance of your office or warehouse
  • Reduce energy usage which saves you money

  • Reduces heat by up to 81%
  • Adds security
  • Reduces glare
  • Provides comfort for staff

Our place of work is where we spend most of our time during daylight hours for office workers and most trades’ people. The best and most affordable way to cut down glare and heat from your workplace windows is to apply a film to them; reflective films are by far the most popular choice as they perform better than any other films for heat rejection and can block up to 90% of glare.

It’s proven that if employees work in a comfortable environment they will be more efficient, they will be happier and a friendly happy workplace yields great returns on any company.

Our most common office or warehouse films reject up to 81% of solar energy and cut glare by up to 90%. This means a comfortable work place and huge energy savings.

One of our customers was so impressed with their office tinting they called us and informed us that they were using the office air conditioner half as much as before the film was installed and the film we used was a mid-range film with approx. 50% heat rejection which was only intended to reduce the glare for their computer screens. Imagine the energy savings if they chose one of our dual reflective films with 81% heat rejection!

We also offer glass frosting and decorative films for office partitions, doors or entrances. Please see out Glass Frosting page for more information.

For more information on getting your office windows tinted in Sydney, view our FAQs page or Request a Commercial Window Tinting Quote.

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Increase productivity by providing a comfortable work place.

What are the benefits to tinting my office or workplace?

99% UVa and UVb rejection – Ultra violet light is energy from the sun that is invisible to the naked eye. It is harmful to our skin and over exposure leads to sunburn and can lead to skin cancers like melanoma. Ultra violet light also is a large factor in the fading and damage of furnishing and floor coverings.

Reducing Heat – Glass lets a large amount of heat transmit through it. Window films reject heat caused by visible light and infra-red light. Commercial window films come in a wide range to suit almost any customer’s needs. The reflective films generally are the best performing for heat rejection as they reflect heat away but some ceramic films are also great as they absorb infra-red heat before it is transmitted.

Added Privacy – Most commercial window films will give great privacy. This makes your workplace more comfortable for your staff knowing they are not on show to anyone outside the building. Added privacy is also great for security as during the day you will not see inside with certain films and during the night if all lights are switched off again you will not see inside. For night time privacy with your lights switched on we do recommend some form of window covering that can be closed such as blinds or curtains.

Added security – Commercial solar films add security by adding privacy as mentioned above. If you can keep expensive equipment out of sight from people then there is far less chance of someone attempting to break and enter to steal from your business.

Security films are also available which are much thicker than regular solar films and with proper film anchoring systems can prevent people entering through most windows or doors or at very least slow them down in the process.

Enhanced appearance – Image is everything when it comes to your business. Installing solar film to your workplace windows or frosting inside your office with company logos or decorative patterns it all sets you apart from the competition. With many different films available you can greatly improve the exterior look of your building. When it comes to internal frosting in offices we always say the sky is the limit, you can choose to simply frost your office partitions and windows for privacy or you can have logos cut into the frosting or have full printed designs on a whole glass wall.

Reducing glare – Glare can be one of the greatest problems employees face inside an office. If you are working on a computer all day and the sun is coming through the windows behind you it can be very difficult to see the screen and puts a large amount of stress on your eyes. Our films can block up to 90% of glare which makes it much more comfortable for any staff member at their workstation.

Reduced energy usage – Almost all offices have air conditioning units in them and its well-known that these units can be very costly to run all day every day. Offices generally have a lot of windows, now whilst that is great for allowing light in and having a nice view it is really the worst material when it comes to rejecting and retaining heat.

Our commercial window films reject up to 81% of total solar energy which make a huge difference when we are talking about energy costs. Because these films absorb and reflect the heat it prevents the office heating up anywhere near as much as with no film installed. This then means the air conditioning units are not working as hard to keep your designated temperature and saving a great deal of electricity.

Studies have shown that commercial window films can save 1/3 of energy usage from air conditioner usage.

Providing Comfort for Staff – With our hot summers we have here in Australia it can be very uncomfortable for anyone to be working near windows all day in an office or warehouse. Even with air conditioning it will always remain hot in direct sunlight near the windows when there is no film applied. By reflecting most of the heat away using our reflective or dual reflective films it makes it comfortable sitting close by to windows whereas darker films absorb heat and that heat radiates in which it can be very hot sitting within 2 meters of the window.

Our commercial window films reject up to 81% of solar heat by reflecting and absorbing the heat before it transmits into the building.

As mentioned above the glare reduction of up to 90% makes it far easier to see screens on computers or projectors and with less eye strain there is less fatigue for you and your staff.